Thursday, December 6, 2012

Adventure #4

Here it is, the last adventure while Kyle was an 8 year old. It was a very big deal to him. A very important milestone for sure. Next adventure, I'll be with a brand new 9 year old.

This was kind of a milestone adventure. To celebrate his impending birthday, we went to test out a new food stand. We are (to our knowledge) the only people in Team Serbia to have visited Krompiwood. The name is a Serbian play on Potato and Hollywood. The sign looked like the Hollywood sign and the decorations were all of old movie stars. The idea is that you get some sort of fried something (three different types of fries, fried mushrooms, and two types of onion rings) and then you get to pick two dipping sauces. The sauces included ketchup, mayo, mustard, hot ketchup, chocolate, caramel, and cheese. No joke. The fries were better than the sauce choices. And you got a ton of fries for about a dollar.

The "proof that he was there" photo.

We were cautiously optimistic about how delicious they might be. Verdict: fries were good, sauce was debatable.

We sought out drinks and warmth in the McDonald's across the street. We also watched a Premier League game on the tv next to our table. The universe was aligning perfectly for Kyle. 

I had dinner that night at the Israels and after dinner Kyle had to go to Soccer training. When he left, we played with his birthday gift that I had gotten him. It was awesome and had tons of plastic weapons.

Monday, December 3, 2012

This is Halloween...

I know, I know. This post is crazy late. However, it was so wonderful I have to show you the photos. We had a party for my bible study guys. They got all dressed up, we played games, and then I killed them all in two rounds of spoons. That last part made them all a little upset. I've learned that people are happier losers (when we play cards) if they have a full stomach to start with. So we also had wonderful mexican food and plenty of sugary snacks.

My contribution: cupcakes.

A close up of Brooke's demon cookie. She made mummy cookies and then went a little crazy on her last one. It looks a bit like a demon sheep.

I also made myself a t.rex costume.

It was fabulously realistic.

Last year, Jen created a fabulous bobbing for apples game that didn't need water. We did it again at this party and the guys really got into it. Brooke is showing "the trick" to managing to get your apple. Except you have to keep your arms behind your back.

This looks like a win, but Boris had the most difficult time.

I don't even know if I should caption this interaction between Filip and Boris.

Or this one.

We also had a mummy wrapping contest. Brooke and Danielle struggled.

Kyle and his friend did too. Kudos for proper arm placement.

Boris and Baka Filip.

The two asian-ish participants.

The study crew. A t. rex, an anime character, an Asian Nina, and a Baka (grandmother).

While taking these group photos, Boris started giving me modeling advice. I wish you could see him acting out the poses behind the camera.

Trey and Andy, the mummy winners. Also the oldest participants. Age lends itself to experience.
After bobbing for apples and wrapping mummys, we played spoons. No photos because you would only see the sad faces of those who didn't win. We all had a great time and Filip even rode public transportation wearing an old woman's night gown. That is truly commitment.